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Evergwen is by Midwinter Co.

Midwinter Co. is an engagement ring brand and shop that designs classic rings with modern, ethically sourced, rustic diamonds.

Evergwen is a branch inside of Midwinter Co.'s brick and mortar shop and studio, located twenty minutes from Philadelphia in Wilmington, Delaware.

The name Evergwen rhymes with the name Evalyn. Ever whispers of the pieces we offer - pieces that will continue their stories, they will continue being loved. Gwen was the owener's grandmother's nickname, and is a nod to the beautiful name Gwendolyn, which is a Welsh name meaning blessed


Our mission at Evergwen is to hunt and showcase amazing workmanship of the past. We offer antiques, pieces we repair and change, and vintage jewelry to the beloved clients that have a heart for history. We chose to separate vintage from our fresh work so that clients understand the stones and metal have been loved before. The pieces we offer represent what we value - recycling, the most eco-friendly option, and the wonder behind the history.


We are part of a bigger story, a wider connection, a mission larger than the pursuit of our happiness or fulfilling our dreams. We believe we are called to reflect God's restorative mission by displaying to the world what he is like and how he loves. This is why you (no matter where you are, what you believe, or how you live your life) will be treated with kindness, respect, and honor. Life isn't about rules and earning God's favor, life is all about reflecting the love of Christ in our everyday thoughts, words, and actions. We believe that our mission is to serve God with our business by blessing others with not only the products themselves but also in the decisions, practices, and actions that carry out the inner workings of Midwinter Co. & Evergwen.


Who we are


We are Caelen and Samantha Bird. We reside in northern Delaware, where we run Midwinter Co. & Evergwen from our small urban studio. Together since the age of 14, we are truly the closest of friends, and have creative skills and perspectives that compliment each other. Caelen is the bona fide artist, the oil painter and musician that loves working with the earth and it’s materials. He sets the stones, does the metal work, and the packaging/shipping. Samantha is the business woman and modern design enthusiast that loves offer a fresh take on classics. She is the designer, stone hunter, all while being the social media marketer, photographer, and web designer. As a creative and business team, we work in different spectrums which creates a sense of harmony and freedom in our career together. We have two amazing children (and 5 pets), are active in our church, and have a heart for our city of Wilmington, Delaware.


Our good friend Barbara (aka Basia) D. is our Operations Manager and Customer Service Sweetheart.

Basia will be making sure your questions are answered.

Basia genuinely cares about your experience as a client. Her blithesome kindness will help you feel excited, educated, guided, and comfortable along the way.